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    (山西焦煤集团房地产开发公司,山西 太原  030000)
        摘要:以某集团综合服务基地屋面分布式光伏发电项目为例,着重对屋面建设太阳能分布式光伏发电项目概况、太阳能资源分析、光伏发电系统初步设计、投资及应用价值效益等进行分析,研究测算表明,项目总发电量约为583.515万kW·h(光伏发电项目按25年计算),年均发电量约为 23.341万kW·h,理论上可满足建筑正常运转约65 d,环保节能效果较为可观,具有较好的经济和社会效益。
        中图分类号:TU832.1+7        文献标识码:A        文章编号:1001-702X(2020)07-0139-04
    Discussion on the practice and application of photovoltaic power generation in the roof of public buildings
    SHI Yanming
    (Shanxi Coking Coal Group Real Estate Development Co. Ltd.,Taiyuan 030000,China)
        Abstract:Taking the roof distributed photovoltaic power generation project of the comprehensive service base of a group as an example,it focuses on the construction significance,solar resource analysis,as well as preliminary design,investment and application value benefit of the roof construction distributed photovoltaic power generation project. Research shows that the photovoltaics project generates about 5 835 150 kW·h of electricity over 25 years. The annual average generation capacity is about 233 410 kW·h,in theory can meet the normal operation of the building about 65 days,the environmental protection energy saving effect is quite considerable,it has good economic and social benefits.
        Key words:solar energy,photovoltaic power generation,energy saving innovation,green environmental protection,building application
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