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    (山东省建筑科学研究院有限公司,山东 济南  250031)
        中图分类号:TU532+.7        文献标识码:A        文章编号:1001-702X(2020)07-0156-02
    Analysis of plastic windows and walls with rainwater leakage in a district
    WANG Hailong,ZHAO Bin,MA Jiancun
    (Shandong Academy of Building Research Co. Ltd.,Jinan 250031,China)
        Abstract:The main body of the building,the external insulation of wall and the external window of the building always are constructed respectively by three construction teams at different times,and the construction effect in the place where different materials are overlapped is often unsatisfactory. After the building exterior walls and windows are repeatedly washed by rainwater in the atmospheric environment,there will inevitably be rainwater leakage at the junction of exterior windows and walls in some residential areas. It is generally difficult to investigate the responsibility for these problems,so it is impossible to determine the responsible party. Through the identification and analysis of the rainwater leakage of the external windows and walls in a residential area,suggestions for improvement are put forward.
        Key words:plastic windows,rainwater leakage,external insulation of external wall
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