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    (石河子大学 水利建筑工程学院,新疆 石河子  832000)
        中图分类号:TU52           文献标识码:A           文章编号:1001-702X(2020)07-0118-04
    Study on preparation technology and performance of lightweight and water-resistant gypsum wall materials
    WANG Aiqin,LI Gang,MA Yuwei,ZHAO Hongyan,LI Yuanqi,YANG Huijun
    (College of Water Resources and Architectural Engineering,Shihezi University,Shihezi 832000,China)
        Abstract:In order to improve the water resistance and lightness of gypsum,with water-binder ratio,EPS content,and composite Portland cement content as influencing factors,an orthogonal test was designed to study the change trends of water absorption rate,apparent density,compressive strength,flexural strength,and softening factor under the combined function of three factors. The test results show that the amount of composite Portland cement has a significant effect on the water resistance of gypsum,and the amount of EPS has a significant effect on the lightness of gypsum. When the preparation process is 0.7 of water-binder ratio,1.6% of the EPS content,and 18% of the composite Portland cement content,a lightweight and water-resistant gypsum wall material can be prepared.
        Key words:gypsum,lightweight,water resistance,preparation technology,performance
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